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Darryl has participated in teaching for young and adult students in various formats around Europe: workshops , masterclasses and jazz camps: most recently for Coartjazz  in Coaraze  France,  the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki,  U.S. Embassies in Paris and Belgium, including Marciac.

Lectures / Jazz Presentation - (Jazz and American Culture) adaptable for young (10+) and older audiences to develop appreciation for  jazz and American music history and its influence on today's popular music. Discussions include  the folk/cultural and social history of American and black American history from the origins of New Orleans tradition to modern day stylings and aesthetics. Includes audio and visuals ( PowerPoint, KeyNote), as well as live bass performance and demonstration. 75-90 mins




Masterclass/ Workshop


Bassists -  beginners to advanced:  become a better player and enjoy playing  music. Includes theoretical concepts and technical skill development, emphasis on practice routines, harmonic and rhythmic development, swing feel and understanding your musical role and responsibilty as a bassist,  do-s and don't-s. For acoustic and electric bass.


Rhythm section instruments -  (piano, bass, drums) fundementals of playing together, accompaniment , group interaction, interplay.

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