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Notable Events/Recent Projects

2020 Dec Internet Pub The warmth of Song

January 2021

The Warmth of Our Songs is a collection of jazz and spirituals presented by African American Expatriates living in France. Ursuline and Darryl have grown to embrace other global cultures while remaining rooted in their own.


John Betsch, drums

Alain Jean Marie, piano

Vincent Bourgeyx, piano

Ursuline Kairson, vocals

Darryl Hall, bass

January 2020

Swingin Back is Darryl's  first solo project in twenty years. It's a tribute to his return to good health after an accident and  upholding the high attributes  of swing in jazz music. 


Keith Brown, piano

Kenneth Brown, drums, 

Baptiste Herbin, alto sax and flute

Chiara Pancaldi, vocals

Darryl Hall , bass

Darryl Hall Cover  copyright Philip Levy

Photo :  Philippe Levy Stab copyright 2019  

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